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LIVE 10:15 AM ET ~ President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. Presents Remarks

Jazz Global Travel & Fun   TRAVEL AT ITS BEST!   Our FREE Gift for you. Register Today     Home | Hotels | Cars | Flights | Cruises | Extras | Groups | Ticketmaster |         TheWhiteHouseSpin.Com Friday, December 2, 2022     THE WHITE HOUSE     The White House Garden Event of Former First Lady Michelle Obama in Washington, DC, USA. | White House Photo by Karen Ann Carr, Producer, Editor, Reporter, Director, Designer, Video Engineer, Correspondent, Publisher, Architect & Planner. / | SPIN PUBLISHING     President Biden Presents Remarks and Signs H.J.Res.100         President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Presents Remarks and signs H.J.Res.100, to Provide a Resolution and to Avert a Nationwide Rail Shutdown Reported by Karen Ann Carr   In the morning, President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. presents remarks and sign H.J.Res.100, providing a resolution to aver

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LIVE 10:15 AM ET ~ President Biden Presents Remarks